Sugbo Mercado: It’s more than a taste, it’s an experience!


​The bustling, happy chaos of a biggest weekend food market in Cebu is your chance to discover and taste Sugbo’s best food and meet the locals.Tantalize your taste buds and really get a taste of Sugbo by sampling some of the many specialist food items, particularly for city folk escaping the hustle and bustle of the city life. 

There’s no more dependable way to end your day, but trying the delightful load of food from Sugbo Mercado.It’s rainy season already and the year is chugging on. Rainy season is the time when blues kick in, maybe because of the cold weather, and a perfect way to beat them is spiced up and load your plate with delicious food.

Stunning Cebu, the top of the Visayas Island and blessed with its own tropical climate, is undeniably beautiful, wonderfully laid-back and home to a treasure trove of food and Cebuano culture as well. Sugbo Mercado is where delectable food producers, creators, makers and food lovers come together to savor the abundance this City has to offer. It’s more than a taste, it’s an experience!

Well known beanery’s in Cebu in a form of food stalls in Cebu Mercado, gathered together in one spot to let the people of Cebu and visitors from different places to taste the rich culinary delights of Sugbuanon

Exactly like some of us, who is not real fond of eating in a restaurant, this is actually a perfect chance to taste the different specialties coming from the different beanery in Cebu. A friend of mine who invited me for dinner brought me to this place, coming closer to Sugbo Mercado is already inviting, truly the food whiff made me hungry. It’s a real hard sometimes when you have a lot of choices laid before your eyes, but just like how you choose to whom you go out on a usual romantic date, is the same thing when you pick food that is close to your heart or you just want to try it. 

Sugbo Mercado has a load of options varying from Southeast Asian street food to comfort viand and affordable delicious meal on your dinner. Feast your eyes as you cram your famished stomach, experience nothing but a true gastronomic adventure that would really satiate your taste buds. 

If you’re also fond of adding an extra beauty of art in yourself, there’s also a stall displaying handcrafted accessories. 

What made Sugbo Mercado stands to be romantic in its own way is the live performances by guest bands, serenading the customers while enjoying their food.
Happy eating guys!  
There are actually two branches of Sugbo Mercado, one is in Garden Bloc in IT Park and the other one is in Cebu Business Park. 


Sugbo Mercado Garden Bloc in IT Park is Open every Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 5PM-1AM 

Sugbo Mercado in Cebu Business Park is Open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 4PM-12MN! 

Lambug Beach: The secluded Beach front gateway to the Southwestern part of Cebu. 


Cebu has a bunch of pristine beaches. From jagged, stony shores, hidden white sands and pebble beach, turquoise lagoons to tumultuous surf, there’s a beach for every temperament in the Province of Cebu. Whether it’s adventure or relaxation. 

Traipsing to a reserve emerald town of Badian, surrounded with a long stretch of  white sand, lapis-hued waters, and a thick subtropical canopy of a coconut tree near the shore of Lambug beach, is where I’m going to spend my day with a compelling desire of being alone.

To bid myself in exploring the
Province of Cebu, is a sure remark of love for this Province. It’s like living in a paradise that is full of adventure, hundreds of interesting destinations to explore, when my weekend is not occupied with out of town trips.

The unspoiled Lambug Beach in Badian is another secluded beach front gateway to the South. The beach holds a long stretch of white dust like sand, crystal clean blue water, clear firmament above, and unsheltered sea, with high winds, and choppy waves. 

Yes, I’m a desultory traveler who has no fix plan when traveling, particularly in nearby tourist destinations in the Province of Cebu. The sky painted with a trace of a yellow color like a ripe lemon, covered with dark sky and slowly changing to a brighten curtain of lights. The sun tardily disseminates it’s light while packing my things needed for the day. Almost 3 hours of ride from Cebu South Bus Terminal to Badian had given me adequate time to take chances of a stunning scenery along the way. Breathing fresh air of a province comforting smell and a cool breeze touching my surface. 

What got my attention during my sojourn, was not the usual beach I visited, which is crowded. In fact, it seems like I owned the whole beach. And so I slowly imagine myself to relax during night time gazing at a bright cluster of strange constellation in the sky. But that imagination would be better if I’m with my special someone. 

Like a normal solo traveler, I usually approach strangers when I visit a certain place, especially when I am a first timer to a station. Then I went to this humble hut with a videoke machine, there were already groups of friends who rented the place,  but since I’m friendly like what people normally say, they were able to allow me use the videoke machine and I sing like nobody’s listening and watching.  

After my singing session, I decided to lie along the beach shoreline while listening to the wind blows and the calmness of the sea. It was real peaceful, maybe because it wasn’t that crowded, and the beach is really perfect for those people who want to have a quick break for themselves to commune with nature. 

Lambug beach is one of the undeveloped beaches in the Province of Cebu. Track fresh footprints in the virgin white sand and dip into the gentle turquoise water under the clinging heat of the sun and reflect on your Edenic surroundings would be a sound perfect for your day. 

Since Lambug beach is still under development, no high end Resort in the area, but it has many rentable cottages to rent on the shoreline. But so far the only resort that stands out in that location is the Grandest Grandeur Beach Resort and Magic Beach Resort, they both offer an air-conditioned accommodations.

Come with your Camera at dawn or dusk for more solitary viewing and an otherwordly vibe. I wasn’t able to witness the sunset since I proceeded back to Cebu City around 4PM cause I have some schedule back in the City. 

How to Get There:

From Cebu South Bus Terminal ride a bus that bound to Badian.The fare is around PHP 120-140.  Tell the conductor to drop you off either at the town center or at the Lambug Beach turn off. From there you can hire a tricycle that can take you to Lambug Beach.The fare is PHP 25 per person. 

If you’re going to get there with your private vehicle, just drive down south and when you reached the Carcar Rotunda, take the right turn going to Barili and the rest of the Southwestern town. When you reach the Badian town center, continue driving until you see a big sign on the right side of the road that crosses off the turn for the Cebu International Golf Course and Resort. When you see the narrow street just continue driving, cause that narrow street leads further on to Lambug Beach.

Travel Expenses:

Cebu to Badian (back&forth) – PHP 240

Badian to Lambug beach (back&forth)- PHP 50

Food – PHP 200


Note: you’ll save more if you travel there with your friends and you can also rent a cottage for your convenience. 

Travel Tips:

  • There are small stores in Lambug Beach, where you can buy some drinks and snacks. If you need more you can go to the Market of Badian.
  • Be responsible with your garbages.
  • If you’re planning to stay there for the whole night and want to save some money for your accommodation, you can bring your own tent.
  • Bring necessary things if you stay over the night for your own convenience. 

RUINS: The emblem of an overflowing LOVE.


Long day wasn’t over yet, a sound of excitement slowly crawling and whispering in my ears and said, this time you won’t escape it again. The sun peacefully resting below the horizon and the sky starts to get darker as we set foot in the City of smiles.

Making it in the City of smiles, dressed us in kindness of someone whom I don’t know. Offering his hand to us, in and around Bacolod, from our accommodation and touring us around, this act of kindness truly speaks that people of Bacolod are accommodating and very kind.  

Remnants of the past with beauty and elegance is a sure remark for Bacolod. What gets us so excited, to traipse our feet in Bacolod, is to ultimately see the old structure mansion bedizened with adorning decors, peacefully standing in its own realm. If you have been to Bacolod, you certainly know that I’m talking about the Ruins located in Talisay, Negros Island. 

The breathtaking and romantic views of the RUINS were made possible because of the overflowing love of Mariano Ledesma Lacson and Maria Braga. Some see this as a symbol of great love of a husband to her wife. Mariano Ledesma Lacson immortalize Maria in his memory by constructing a mansion that will surely last. And that is something so sweet and a genuine acts that a married man could give to her wife. 

What actually caught my attention during my visit was the design of the Two Storey mansion, it’s an inspired
Italianate architecture design as evidenced by its neo-Romanesque columns all around. The top edges of the mansion were a shell-decor inspired.  

There’s the two “M” letters molded in reclined positions onto each and every position around the mansion’s exterior as a symbol that stand for Mariano and Maria. Representing Maria’s alabaster skin, they develop a fine, marble-like spot, as the walls and posts were made with egg whites mixed into the cement. And the warhead-bearing pillars were corroborated like how theory were being supported with evidence to testify one great theory that actually exist, just like how Mariano testifies his love to her wife.

Apart from a stunning mansion, there’s a huge, bedizened fountain peacefully seated at the entrance of the mansion. I was actually trying hard to capture a perfect photo of it, and I hope I have given justice to the fountain. 

The mansion provides a wide land area and within the compound, you can find a beanery, Pasalubong center where they hold Bacolod’s delicacies and you can also check the wishing well where it was believed that any spoken wish would be granted.    

The RUINS, as it is popularly known today, has been hailed as “one of the 12 most fascinating ruins of the world”, “one of the best landmarks in the Philippines”, and “the Taj Mahal of Negros”.

How To Get There

Getting there is moderately easy and it will only take you around 15 – 20 minutes from downtown of Bacolod City. When you choose to take a Cab and Tricycle, this will surely require you to bear an extra art when haggling. Bacolod Airport is much nearer in the ruins than Bacolod City proper. So if happen, you want to shoot the breeze, you can drop by at the ruins first. Drivers will offer a fixed price, particularly if it’s a back and forth trip. 

Commuting Instruction 

Take the Bata route jeepneys from downtown of Bacolod City. Ask the driver to drop you off at Pepsi Bottling Station along the highway,  then from there you can hire a Tricycle for a one way trip at PHP 100.00 directly to The Ruins.   

Note: Drivers usually  wait for their guests while they’re exploring the ruins. Inquire for a price for a return trip for convenience.

Entrance Fees (VAT Inclusive):

Adults- PHP 95

Students & Sr.Citizens – PHP 40

Children (Below 8 yrs.old)- PHP 20

Travel Tips:

  • I advise you go there around 4PM, so you can witness how the ruins look like when there’s still lucid light of the sun. Stay there until at night, it’s even more romantic and beautiful during the night, because of the lights that reflects the beauty of the Mansion. 
  • Bring water, since you’re going to amble around the mansion. 
  • Please be good to the Mansion, don’t drop your garbage anywhere. Be responsible enough.
  • Make sure you have a full battery life along your cameras or even your phone, because you can’t resist to take photos of the ruins. 

Special Thanks:

This travel journey is not made possible without the kind heart of Peter, who have helped us in our Bacolod Escapade. I would like to stretch out my gratitude to Peter for opening his heart to stranger like us. Showing your kindness will certainly be rendered back to you a hundred and thousands fold. Also, thank you to Ram of masterryo for organizing this travel. 

    Mt.Lanaya: The kindest mountain I’ve ever climbed. 


    A promise to discover the stunning scenery that once divulged after the challenging adventure. The clouds were united as if they’re in full force of conveying their maddened state. Trying to halt the trekkers from feasting their eyes with nature’s splendor and left them in deep reverence. The rain receives freedom of release and started pouring from the sky, with a comforting touch and played along with an icy blowing air that perceived in a tactile sense to our surface. 

    Mt. Lanaya stands on its throne around 700 meters above sea level, it provides the panoramic view of the vast ocean and the mountains of Negros Province. There are two trails if you wish to climb Mt. Lanaya. One is from Lumpan which has an estimated 2 hour trek depending on the pace. The other ace is the Legaspi trail, this one requires you to be in good physical and mental condition since it has a difficult and challenging trail, this will take 4 hours of trek.

    An invitation from a fellow blogger whom I haven’t had any chance to meet, had me invited to join their trek to Mt. Lanaya. Our tryst was set at Cebu South Bus Terminal, together with her friends and other fellow blogger. To finally come across with a new group of friends is I guess the most interesting part when you travel. Then I get the chance to meet new and passionate travelers in which I can share travel memories with, that soon will not be forgotten. 

    Upon making our way to Alegria, the weather seems to send signals by asking the clouds to unite and inform us to instead set the activity to another day. But just like how a bamboo tree fights for the storm and remain still was exactly what we all carry in mind. We persist in our sojourn without any doubts looming overhead.

     After 3 hours of bus ride from Cebu South Bus Terminal we finally set foot in the town of Alegria.
    It was about lunchtime when we arrived, so we all look for a food station where we can replete our famished stomach.

    Our kind of lunch

    Filling our stomach before going up to the summit is a sure thing that everyone must consider. Upon winding up our lunch, someone approaches us for a motorcycle ride going to Lumpan. What comes best when you move around with a group of friends is the inexpensive fare, priced was set and no need to haggle. 

    The soothing cool breeze kissing our surface, and feasting our eyes with the scenic views, elongated ridge seating on their throne while the leaf sways as the wind blows. The clouds were starting to collide in one accord and gathering their strength, trying to surmount our eagerness to set our foot to the peak. After 20 minutes of enjoying the comforting motorcycle ride we have finally touched the ingress to the peak. We supposed to take the Legaspi trail that would take us 4 hour trek going to the summit,  but since we were a bit late, we decided to choose the other trail which is in Lumpan

    The jump off area.

    As we about to start our trek, the showering rain started pouring down, but we didn’t pay attention and just go forward on our trek. I was begging the sun to disseminate it’s light while making our way to the top. But exactly like how we strongly prayed for a good cooperation of the sun, the collision of rain is so strong too.

    After a backbreaking  trek, we finally have set foot on the summit and the rain stop, but it was too cloudy that we can’t even see any beautiful view, but instead of complaining, we were all grinning from ear to ear. How Mt. Lanaya divulge its beauty taught us patience and determination to never give up. The clouds slowly moving to the higher side, giving us hope while Mt.Lanaya sluggishly revealing its beauty before our eyes.That moment, we put up our hands, thanking God for His goodness, it was unfathomable and our happiness is way beyond compare. 

    Photo Credit: Janice Canoy. Edited by: Marj (Dakilang Laagan)

    From where we position ourselves, there’s a captivating flag on the other side of the stack, we then asked our guide, and he told us that it is another peak that we must climb. Kalo-kalo Peak is Mt. Lanaya’s highest point. It gives you the full access to take a glimpse of Osmeña Peak from the north, Mt. Kanlaon from the northwest in Negros Island, and Mt. Talinis located at the South of Negros.

    Photo Credit: Jeff Sanchez

    Our guide is kind enough to help us get to Kalo-Kalo Peak. After nearly 30 minutes of the trek, we finally reached the peak. It leaves us speechless, there’s only a small portion of the summit to cater us all. Also in that place there is likewise a little clearing at the base of the summit area which can be used as a campsite. We took in our unlimited picture taking and everyone of us filled with joy and left in awe at the nature’s beauty that stands in their own innate state before our eyes. 

    Photo Credit: Jeff Sanchez

    Soon enough, we have resolved to move downward since its almost 4pm.The rain joined us again, it’s seems to be our best friend that would really love to go with us and won’t leave us. It is even more challenging since the track is already muddy, I even got slipped and fall for 4 times. Everyone was clothed with gladness and satisfaction, the curved lines painting our faces even we were struggling on our way down really appear to be so genuine and honest. While the heavy rainfall was so busy pouring down, we were also busy planning for our next trip. After the laughs and jokes while moving downward, we finally reached the jump off area and went back to Alegria proper. 

    If you really have leisure time, there are also hot springs, waterfalls, and tons of beaches found around the municipality of Alegria. In fact, I had seen two of the hidden Gem, the Salay Cave and Cambais Falls during my solo backapacking in Alegria last April 2015.

    How to Get There 

    From Cebu South Bus Terminal, ride a bus that board for Bato, Samboan, or any bus going southwest Alegria. Ask the driver to drop you at the town proper. Fare ranges from P130 – P160.

    From the town proper, you can either take a Motorcycle (habal-habal), going to Barangay Lumpan or if you have enough time and want to try the challenging Legaspi trail, then proceed to Barangay Legaspi (there’s an entrance fee of P50.00 and P500.00 guide fee for every five hikers).
    Travel Expenses 

    Cebu – Alegria – PHP 160 x 2 = PHP 320

    Alegria to Lumpan (Jump Off Area back and forth) = PHP100

    Food = PHP 150

    Guide fee = PHP50 

    TOTAL = PHP 620

    Note: Guide fee will depend on how many climbers are going to the summit, your motorcycle driver can be your guide, make sure to be kind with them. 

    Travel Tips: 

    • Water is not readily available anywhere near the summit so you better bring your own drinking water, 2-3 liters will be enough.
    • You can do camping at night, but make sure to bring your own camping tent, flashlight, jacket, food and other necessary things required.
    • Please, be always kind to nature, don’t break its innate beauty. 
    • We can’t foretell the weather, so you better bring your dry bag to put all your gadgets and camera when it rains. 
    • If you bid to have your snacks or meal at the summit, please take responsibility of your garbages, make sure to bring them all with you and don’t leave your garbages there. 

    A delectable buffet dinner with its “Flavors of Asia” themed at the Garden Cafe.


    Pampering yourself and be gratified with a sumptuous food that would cram your empty stomach and satiate your taste buds together with your loved ones and family. Whether you’re looking to wine and dine or to simply loosen up at the end of your busy day. There’s no other better manner of meeting those but by taking it to the Garden Cafe International Dinner buffet for an appetizing spread of great new additions on nightly themed dinners. 

    A decent beanery who recently presented a Certificate of Excellence besting 404 other restaurants in Cebu by a Trip Advisor. Garden Cafe is an ideal venue for a quick meeting and a good place if you’re looking for ways to revivivy your intimacy with family and friends over a scrumptious food on your plate while catching up with them.  

    You know precisely how it feels like for once in a while you indulged yourself with a lot of choices to feast your eyes with a wide selection of food, filling your hungry stomach and satiate your taste buds. So what are you waiting now, bring your palate on a gastronomic adventure and be spoiled for choice as themes and menus change nightly at the Garden Cafe. 

    Me and Ram of Masterryo with Cebu City Marriott Hotel PR Officer, Mr. Nico Velasquez

    On Sundays to Thursdays, take a quick tour of the world’s biggest continent as you enchant your taste buds to what the “Flavors of Asia ” can offer for only P 1,200.00 net. 

    They hold a wide selection of menu choices. From a delicious vegetable salad containing a healthy combination of fresh lettuce, toss with a crunchy carrot, red and green bell pepper, red onions, and tomatoes with a final touch of salad dressing. They also sustain a perfect taste of cheeses, dried pineapple, peanuts, antipasti, sashimi, and it seems like you’re watching an exciting live cooking show at the Curry, Mongolian, and Noodle stations. 

    Another delicious food to put on your plate is the grilled chicken Inasal, Pork Belly, Beef Medallion, and Chicken Satay with a broad selection of sauce that will surely rhyme to your choice of taste, so don’t forget to drop by at their grilling station. I would likewise suggest to try their salmon, it’s one of the best salmon I’ve ever tasted.They also have steamed Lapulapu and their own version of boneless letchon. 

    But wait, there’s more, please save some room for a refreshing assortment of delectable homemade desserts, and grab some refreshing halo-halo at their halo-halo station, this will surely grant you a perfect sweet ending dinner date with your loved ones, family and friends. 

    They also have sweet fruits as a perfect refreshment either before you’re starting to have your dinner or after dinner. 

    Garden Cafe will give you more reason to stay, your dinner buffet will be more great if you coupled it with unlimited wine for an additional PHP 699 net per person. Choose from their best house Chiraz, Cabernet, Sauvignon, Chardonnay or Moscato. If you’re a kind of person who loves the sweet taste, I would advise you try Moscato. It’s a wine made from Australia that will surely allow you even more comfortable on your stay at the Garden Cafe.  

    Garden Cafe also offers Friday Night Seafood Buffet for only P 1,600.00 net. And on Saturdays, don’t leave home without your appetite because it’s a Prime Rib Buffet for only P 1,400.00 net. 


    If you’re a resident and employee within the jurisdiction of Cebu Business Park and I.T. Park Lahug, you’re blessed to avail the 30% off at the Garden Cafe on all daily International lunch and dinner buffets. Just bring your employment or residence ID to enjoy the discount! The offer starts on July 1 until December 31, 2016. 

    The International Dinner Buffet at the Garden Cafe at the Cebu City Marriott Hotel is available daily from 6PM to 10:30pm. Buffet rates start from P 1,200 net per person. For reservations, call (032) 411 5800 or e-mail: 

    Olango Island: An Island destination that provides a good spot for biking.  





















    Precisely the moment we have met, I knew, I humbly submit that you and I make a better team than most relationships I’ve ever seen. You told me to just grab you and go out for a spin down the road, without  thought on anything but to ride I am taking. And so you made me realized that I love few things more than fettering with a spangly riding bit. 


    Then you eventually divulge the true reason why I come up with taking the time to bond with you, because you allow me to create a fresh relationship between my life-space and my lifetime, between my territory and the pulse of my being, without destroying my inherited balance. 

    Photo Credit: Angel Villamor of Travel Blogs and More

    Someone came across, freely giving you a reason for doing something and makes you require to do it. An unexpected invitation coming from a friend who happened to be adventurous just like my inmost being is always seeking of. A message who had just popped up and took hold of my attention. Truly, how her name was created, with an essence of angel touch that eventually will make you to nod and would eventually say yes to her invitation. 

    Angel Villamor of Travel Blogs and More

    The dark clouds were hovering overhead, trying to induce doubts to exist and would stop us from our biking journey to Olango Island. But our positive thoughts are more potent than any  impediment could adhere. Then the sun slowly surmounting the dark clouds and freely disseminating its lights and finally looming overhead, which caused us to set up our precious smile.  

    From the port of Angasil, we were welcomed by big waves splashing the coast and seemed to be swathed with anger. I couldn’t help but think that it’ll be a tough boat ride. I was straining to escape from the nautical life for the moment, but the wavering ocean is freely dashing the boat with an intend to shower us with a salt water and get wet.
    The boat docked off together with the strong waves kissing the coast near the port of Olango Island. We then ride a motorcycle going to Candagsao to rent a bicycle. Angel knows the island very well, for she has been staying in Olango for 2 years because of her work before.

    Olango Island is known for owning nearby Islands that are perfect for an island hopping focal point. But this time, we will experience Olango Island in another means of adventure.Bicycling the whole island and taking advantage of the Islands landscape is our way of enjoying the island. The roads are very easy, navigable and has flat topography.  Unknown to most people, Olango Island is a secure place to do biking, aside from usual road scenes that has few vehicles passing by, the island as well boasts awesome scenery that one can enjoy.

    Caw-Oy, Floating Restaurant 

    Olango Island is known not merely for having rich in marine life, but also for having an array of fresh seafood.  Exactly in Caw-Oy where you can find several floating restaurants that serves the best and sumptuous seafood. Though, it’s a bit expensive, but very worth it.


    Tungasan Board walk

    A simple wooden pathways made from bamboo that is peacefully situated in its own comfortable state. There were kids playing during our visit and we get the opportunity to interact with them. Seeing the kids grinning from ear to ear made me so happy as well. It speaks so much about their freedom and had influenced me. 

    Angel Villamor of Travel Blogs and More

    The adorable kids of Olango Island


    Andong Coconut House

    Right after we had our lunch, we resolved to have some fresh buko juice refreshments at Andong Coconut House. I saw other bikers who have just had their refreshment during our sojourn. So if happen you visit Olango island, never miss this nature’s most refreshing drink that will snuff out your tropical summer thirst. You can as well have some rest under the shade of coconut trees as what I and Angel did.

    Andong Coconut House


    Olango Island Wildlife Sanctuary 

    Along this wide wetland of Olango Island, A flock of migrating birds often happens on a regular seasonal movement from September to April, as their stopover to seek for food and nesting locations.  There were only 4 Korean visitors during our visit, hence the place wasn’t that crowded. From the viewing deck, there’s an available telescope to have a glance of the birds. There’s also an in house guide to explain about those birds, and it got my attention because he is too smart to recognize those birds by name and their characteristics.

    It wasn’t even the season of migrating birds during our visit, but I’m still blessed to be able to see like around 5 to 7 birds in different types. While trying to cipher out how on earth these birds are migrating with a pin-point accuracy and how they navigate, and it must be an exhausting journey for them to fly hundreds and thousand kilometers. I can really say that they really go to their limits. Out of my oddity, I asked a bunch of questions to the in house guide to meet the foods of my curiosity and be filled with information. So he then told me that these migrating birds are normally controlled by changes in day length as it is their timing upon migrating. They are navigating by using celestial cues from the sun, stars,  the earth’s magnetic field, and from landmarks seen during the daytimes. 

    San Vicente Marine Sanctuary 

    The minute we arrived at the entrance area of Marine Sanctuary, the board walk made in bamboo within the mangrove caught my attention. The warm welcome from the leaves of mangrove trees and the soothing breeze from the sea is beyond compare. After paying for the entrance fee, me and Angel proceeded to the Marine Sanctuary, as we acted upon our way, I’d  noticed the 500 meters long bamboo bridge that seems to be very romantic on its own state. It provides the panoramic view of the visible City of Lapu-lapu and Cebu City.

    The 500 meters long bamboo bridge.

    San Vicente Marine Sanctuary
    is a protected field of waters that includes underwater habitats such as coral reefs, fishes, and many other marine creatures. It is an Eco-tourism destination as well, for they make use of recycled bottles, shells and other indigenous materials, to produce a beautiful decoration near the entrance and office area. If you’re the kind of person who loves to see the underwater creatures, then you can choose to do snorkeling  since San Vicente Marine Sanctuary is a nice dive site. 


    We passed through this road upon making our path back to Candagsao. I love the nuance of these trees offers to me. It is very soothing and refreshing. I couldn’t just pass by without a photo, so I asked Angel to take pictures of me.

    Photo Credit: Angel Villamor of Travel Blogs and More

    strand Beach Resort and RestaurantAfter our long day, we decided to end our day with a refreshing Mango Shake at Sagastrand Beach Resort and Restaurant. Their restaurant is perfectly facing the inviting swimming pool, so we rest and had a short talk while celebrating our productive and fun-filled day. Soon enough, we went back to Candagsao to return the bicycles and went back to Lapu-Lapu City. 

    We actually bid to see the dramatic scenery of the sky when the sun resting on his throne below the horizon, but since it didn’t happen, we decided to maybe return again next time. 

    I would like to thank Angel Villamor of Travel Blogs and More for spending her time with me as we had pedaled the whole island of Olango. 

    How to get to Olango Island 

    There are two access going to Olango Island, one is by taking a pump boat from Angasil Port near Mactan New Town, and the other one is from Punta Engano Port near Movenpick Hotels and Resorts. The fare is PHP 15 for one way.

    Things to do for travelers, tourist and backpackers.


    Olango Island is a secure place to do biking, you’ll get to experience the beautiful scenery and get a chance to indulge with locals. 

    Island Hopping

    Olango Island is a good spot to do Island hopping. It owns a nearby Island that has different nature’s beauty to offer and that seems to what catches the attention of most travelers and tourists.


    One of the most interesting underwater activities in Olango Island is snorkeling, you take the chance to see some hidden garden of paradise and other marine creatures that will satiate your eyes and your adventurous soul.


    I must say that this Island is a safe spot for camping, it throws you a new experience and you’ll get the chance to pamper yourself with the locals.

    Travel Tips 




















    • If you’re projecting to spend your day on Olango Island, with friends, I advised you to do Island hopping. Please be guided with rate, some resorts are extending for an Island hopping with a price of PHP 3,000 and that’s good food 10 people.
    • Cycling around Olango Island is also one of the best things you can do, especially if you’re fond of physical activity. If you can’t carry your own bicycle you can actually rent a bicycle just ask the locals around. The one that we rented is located at the back of Candagsao Elementary School. Look for Erwin or locals known him as Erwax.
    • Bring enough water and if you can bring your own food, it’ll be a lot better. But you can actually catch some food station around, so no worries.
    • Always ask the locals about anything you want to know, they will surely assist you. 

    Candy Delos Reyes Optical Clinic: Changing the face of Optometry  


    ​Most of us who have healthy eyesight are extremely attached to our vision, often without being conscious that we are. We depend heavily on our eyes, and yet we rarely give them a second thought. I, at least, am this way. The physical world is almos hyper-vivid to me. – ROREMARY MAHONEY  

    A desultory traveler like me who’s always on the go for adventures, must require a decent eyeglasses that came with reasonable priced. I still remember way back 2013 when I carelessly threaded in their clinic for the first time. A limpid prose of smile from Doctor Candy’s staff was really welcoming, as well as Doctor Candy’s smile. From that day on, me and Doc became good friends and I had my eye checked with their modern facilities. 

    I was wearing my first eyeglasses in August 2013, I am a bit uncomfortable at first, but along the way, It made me comfortable. Last April 2015, I had my eye checked again and resolved to get another frame and try the well known transition lenses. I was wearing a Dior flex frame and transition lenses for one year. Recently, I visited Doc again and had my eye checked, my old eyeglasses went somewhere else due to my clumsiness by nature, and I have no choice but to get another frame and new lenses which is still a transition lenses. I am currently wearing a Guess frame now. Let’s shorten the story and get to the other side of the bridge. Enough of my personal concern.  

    After 3 years of truly loving the good vision that Doc had given to me. I determined to give some reason why you should visit the Candy Delos Reyes Clinic and have your eye checked. So here’s my quick review of her clinic.

    • A good provider of optometry services and vision care products.

    In a modern world that we are living in, it is always essential to deal with the expert who is capable and responsible in their profession especially in a medical related stuff. The Candy Delos Reyes Clinic will not merely offer the modern facilities to be used during check-up, but they’re giving you the best optometry services and vision care products. Doc. Candy herself as her top priorities is to care about your visual sense to help you see, learn, explore, and experience life comfortably. 


      A competent clinic in a sense of services, advanced facilities and monetary values.  

    I must say that this clinic is competent, affordable and very kind. There’s nothing I can conceive that could make this clinic better than it already is. Asking me why? Apart from a quick service they provide, they’re also very keen with customer concerns, and they give discounts on frames and even offer installment. In our modern life right now where businesses are constantly cutting corners and customers have to contend with incompetence and indifferences, it’s reassuring to know a business like this still exists. 

    • They hold an array of decent frames to choose from.

    Life is so good when you have a choice and it is even more beneficial when you have a lot of choices right? I remember when I choose my first frame, it got me a while to decide, I kept trying from one frame to another frame just to make sure I’m wearing a comfortable eyeglasses. Choosing frames that fits you, won’t be that hard because Doc. Candy will personally assist you and would even recommend which frame that best fits for you. 

    • They have a broad set of children’s frames to choose from. 

    Just like us, kids also need a better vision. You can also take your child with you for an eye check-up and discover the new ways to protect and enhance your child’s vision.

    • They are putting on a soothing smile and warming welcome.

    There’s always something magical when you eventually see people smiling, and precisely what caught my attention during my first visit to this Clinic. Doc Candy’s staff is friendly and really welcoming. Doc. Candy is as well really friendly and she loves smiling from ear to ear. She’s one of those Doctor you will meet that exceeds your expectations, in terms of how she care about her patients and how she relay her positive vibes to her client. Her smile will surely pacify you and would eventually make you comfortable. 

    Some of you would probably ask me, why do we have to visit our Doctor and have our eye checked?

    Our eyes change just like how time is changing. Our eyes can possibly decrease our vision as many serious eye diseases can never be forecast and sometimes can be existed without symptoms, exactly like how Glaucoma condition is. We need to have our eye check because eventually eye exams can detect serious medical conditions. Our visual sense is as important as breathing. When we grant ourselves to have an eye examination, we can evade the cause of undetected vision problems. Hence, we might as well have our eye checked and allow our Doctor to perform their duties in taking care of our eye health. 

    For your appointment, kindly visit Candy Delos Reyes Optical Clinic. Business Address: 59-A Don Gil Garcia St. Capitol Site, Cebu City.

    Contact Numbers: Tel No. (032) 239-5928 Mobile Number: +63 9326352211 +63 9336834697 

    The reflection of children’s freedom has influenced me.


    ​As a limpid prose of their smile is painting their face, it brings back the old memories I once have sustained when I was like them. Their smile is a natural reflection that speaks so much of their felicity. I spoke to them asking for one picture, and they’ve demanded back for another camera shot until it became more than 10 shots. I witnessed their freedom to play without bothering the clinging heat of the sunlight as it touched their surface.

    Bonding with them for a short period of time makes me think of a life I am living, free, wild and enjoying what life has to proffer. Sometimes in life, we think too much about unnecessary things that we tend to forget that we are growing up and going forward. We divested ourselves from doing the things we want, we always treat excuses as our friend and we hardly can’t say no. Life is too short, whatever makes you happy, embrace it. Whatever took you to have uneven peace of mind, leave it. When life gets drudging, challenge yourself to make it riveting. 

    Angel Villamor of Travel Blogs and more with the adorable kids of Olango Island.

    Don’t complicate your life because you’re not a slave of cynical force, you’re a free individual and capable of slaving the negative and make use of your freedom to create the highest stack of positive.

    You’re extraordinary as you are, you deserve to attain your aspirations and Dreams because we are all fated to reach and enjoy it. Never forget to practice your freedom smartly and utilize it right.

    Angel Villamor of Travel Blogs and more with the adorable kids of Olango Island.

    We are all created equal with the same freedom to choose, find your strength, dig and work out your passion, don’t stay in the forest because you’re habituated to live there, you also deserve to see the charming light of the asphalt jungle. Don’t stay inside your room and waited for the night to arrive because you deserved to see the stunning color of the sky when the sun seated on his throne below the horizon. Don’t be a slave of your painful past and deprived you from seeing the jaw-dropping sunrise. You’re free to explore life, live, laugh and love. You’re also free to pray and thank God, not because of what He has done in your life, but because He deserved your praises and adorations. 

    Let’s travel beyond our limits because we all destined to have our own version of what freedom really is. 

    I would like to thank Angel Villamor of  Travel Blogs and More for spending her time with me as we had pedaled the whole island of Olango. Our biking experienced will soon be published on my blog real soon. 

    Pandao Island: The secluded and unexplored innate gem of Getafe, Bohol. 


    Venturing forth into the unknown cloistered white island existed in Bohol, called Pandao Island together with my travel buddies. I never got wind about this Island before not until a good friend of mine unexpectedly suggested to visit Pandao Island.

    Pandao Island

    Pandao Island is located in Getafe, Bohol. It has an estimated 20 min boat ride from the mainland of Baud, Getafe, Bohol. An island that speaks so much about innate beauty. This has been the only white Island I have visited that left me in deep reverence for nature. 

    My weekend was bidden by my office mates Lilia Meraveles and her sister Jovie for their Father’s 60th birthday together with our other friends (Michelle, Melyn and Riza). I couldn’t repel their invitation since they have told me to visit Pandanon Island on the succeeding day after their father’s birthday celebration. It has long been penned on our bucket list to visit Pandanon Island since 2014 during our last sojourn to my office mates place. Simply due to unexpected circumstances we weren’t able to set foot on the said island. 

    As we again plan to visit the Pandanon island for the second time round, it’s again not permitted by time due to the compelling suggestion of my office mate. While we were having our breakfast, and getting up to leave for our escapade to Pandanon Island, a sudden words uttered by my office mate, suggesting to visit the Pandao  Island instead of Pandanon Island. Since, I’m a bit curious about the Pandao Island, I bombarded my officemate  with a bunch of questions just to make certain that it will worth our visit. 

    The perfect firmament above and the good weather made our trip amazing. A few meters away from the house of my office mate where the port of ingress to the secluded Pandao Island. I found out the long paved road as if floating on the sea water and the bareboats are scattering around. 

    As we worked our way to the Pandao Island, I saw several floating humble huts that looks like floating houses from afar. Then I asked our boatman about those houses, he then told me what I have just seen was a rest house of people who is planting seaweeds in that area, during the harvest, it’s where they rest and also where they put down all their harvested seaweeds. 

    After 20 minutes of enjoying the clinging heat of the sun and the sea breeze kissing our surface, we finally have set foot along the island. It was already high tide during our arrival, and the sandbar is slowly mislaying its beauty. A thought hovering above me saying we should have come earlier than 10 in the forenoon.

    Though we were not lucky enough to witness the white sandbar, I am nevertheless satisfied with how the island existed. I was still seen in awe the moment I traipse my two little itchy feet with the light greenish blue water and pale color of the sand. The sand wasn’t really that white and fine, but what this cloistered island can promise to every visitor who would soon go down their foot here is the stunning view of an area of water and the mountains of Baud, Getafe Bohol that speaks so much of its innate beauty. 

    I was enjoying seeing my travel buddies as a limpid prose of their smile is painting their face, calling me out to get pictures of them. I constantly caught myself loving the beach but swimming isn’t something I love, so instead of joining them,  I was so busy capturing every moment.

    Michelle, Lilia and Melyn

    Jovie and Riza

    We held our lunch on the said island, there’s an abandoned humble hut strongly standing all by itself. A stairs provided so we could go up, then there’s a beautiful split bamboo slat floor to lay down all our foods and our things. We had our lunch while imagining ourselves dining at the floating restaurant. Isn’t it amazing and romantic?  We continue on our bonding while planning to get back next time to see the sand bar.  

    The clouds were united to form a dark sky, the brassy voice of thunder calls our attention and a flash of lightning follows. So we then fix our stuff, and time to leave the island so we won’t meet the heavy rain while working our way back to my office mates house. As we made our way, and almost hit the shore of Baud, I saw a beautiful clouds with a touch of colors on it. It was as if, I’m gazing at the beautiful painting executed in fresco. Then I began yelling at my friends and ask them to check, we all turned our heads up high and mesmerized at the stunning view of the sky. Everyone of us would likely have just witnessed such thing for the first time.Our day ended with such a jaw-dropping scenery that left us speechless.  

    Special thanks to my office mates Lilia Meraveles, Jovie Meraveles and their family for taking charge of everything. From our accomodation and food and even the tour as well. Likely will be going back and this time it’ll be another fun filled day for us. Join us along our adventure  next time.  

    Important information you need to know 

    1. Travel to the island earlier than 9:00am, so you won’t miss the promising sand bar of Pandao Island.

    2. The island is secluded and not known to everyone, bring enough water and food. There’s no stores on the Pandao island. 

    3. The island is very bare, no cottages and toilet, but you can stay overnight just make sure to bring with you your own camping tent, flashlight, jacket, and other necessary things. 

    4. Please bring garbage bags to place all your collected garbages during your visit and bring them to the mainland of Baud. Please be responsible enough. 

    How to get there

    The entry point is in Getafe, Bohol. The moment you arrived at the Seaport, ride a tricycle going to Brgy. Baud, ask the driver to drop you down at the corner going to the Brgy. Hall. The fare is PHP20. You can always ask help from the people there, they will surely help you.If you want a hassle free tour to Pandao Island, you can contact our boatman with his mobile number +63 9426376797. His name is Gerry Socajel.  

    If you’re coming from Cebu City, the fast craft ride to Getafe is found at pier 1.  Economy PHP200, Tourist PHP220, Business class PHP280. Daily schedule Cebu to Getafe is 6:00am, 9:00am, and 3:30pm.  Getafe to Cebu is 7:30am, 10:30am and 5pm. The travel will usually last an hour, sometimes it is faster depending on the water conditions. 
    M/V STAR CRAFTS Telephone numbers (032)5205212/ +639435847316. (Note: This should be checked if this fast craft is still operating. I heard that the trip from Cebu to Getafe is no longer available).

    If you want a cheaper fare and thrilling ride going to Getafe, Bohol. You can also ride M/V Clemer Lines that can be found at Pier 1. A small boat that can carry up to 60 -80 passengers. The fare is PHP160. Daily Trip schedule from Cebu to Getafe 6:30am, 7:30am, 8:00am, 9:00am, 9:45am, 11:00am, 12:00pm, 2:00pm. The last trip from Getafe- Cebu is 12:00pm.  Note: The trip schedules will usually change from time to time.
    You can also reach Getafe from Tagbilaran City, you precisely have to ride a Van or Bus.Travel time is 3-4 hours. It can likewise be reached from Tubigon, Bohol to Getafe.Travel time is 1- 2 hours. 

    Just a note to myself.

    Dear myself.

    Please get up, if you are trapped inside the 30 feet sinking hole and you can’t see any ladder to climb up, please use your instinct to look for other ways, make some tiny hole and use it to get up. If it doesn’t work, use your phone if happen you bring it with you, dial the number of your trusted friends and talk to them, or you might as well call God to hoist you up. Don’t be like a stagnant water that choose to remain inside the bottle. You’re not a stale bread that simply a garbage bin can make use of you.

    I know you are jaded and weary this time, but I’m also sentient that you’re more than able to engender out from all your burdens. Don’t cling to your beliefs because they have long been gone, stop being hopeful for things to come back and knock your door again because they have been set free in the atmosphere. You’re only manipulating yourself, stop believing because those things are improbable. You recognize that fantasy is far from reality right? Then why can’t you open your eyes and start seeing the true situation that exists. Be a startling subject not because you’re frightened, but you are being surprised with a promise of hope and delight.

    Please get back to the place where you supposed to stay, leave the footprints behind, let them washed by the strong waves. Walk out front for the new footprints will be painted in the sand as it gently kissing your feet.

    You’ll soon be lifted up upon seeing yourself free from the bondage of burdens. When the music decided to stop echoing back, and when you mastered and get used of the lyrics and the melody of the song, you don’t bear to play it again and do a rewind over and over again. You’re such a precious gem that some people are even looking up to you.  People can’t afford to lose you, so bear that in mind. You’ll be okay soon, stay positive and strong.